Strong Parents – Strong Children

These parenting courses are a product of the German Child Protection Association and are based on five criteria:

  • clear values and educational goals of the parents,
  • clear identity and role of the parents,
  • methods of strengthening self-esteem in children,
  • ability to express thoughts, feelings and needs,
  • cooperation skills and conflict resolution strategies.

The courses aim to achieve co-determination of all family members and to awaken the family’s resources. More openness, clarity and humour are to be incorporated into everyday parenting. The emphasis on humour in parenting distinguishes this parenting course from others. In the parenting courses, no patent remedies are given, but the attitude of “guiding parenting” is conveyed. The high value of the exchange between parents is also emphasised. The course is a combination of theory and self-awareness. The course participants’ own experiences are important as they provide a practical reference. They are also the basis for practising new behaviour. The course provides new knowledge, perspectives and suggestions. It offers relief and security in parenting and is fun and enjoyable. The result is positive changes in the family.

Parenting courses based on “Strong Parents – Strong Children®” are offered several times a year for parents in need of education and exchange as well as for young mothers and fathers. In addition to the classic form of events (12 course evenings of two to three hours each, for 10 – 15 participants), the implementation of the course within the framework of a family education weekend in the “Haus der Familie” (House of the Family), in which the entire family can participate, the children are looked after during the seminars and thus education and recreation for the entire family are linked.


Project Manager Family Education
Steffen Blaschke

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The parenting course “Strong Parents – Strong Children®” is constantly being professionally developed for special target groups and different life situations of families