Don’t get angry (“Ludo” the game) if the Settlers of Catan (“Catan” the game) bring down Villa Paletti.
Already in the Night of the Magicians, the Black Pirate could rebuild the fortress of Carcasonne.
Is this all Greek to you?

You can experience all this – if only on the board of one of the more than 150 new and old board games that invite you to play. On request, the supervisors will explain all the games and complicated game instructions. In a relaxed atmosphere, families have the opportunity to make new acquaintances and exchange ideas about educational concepts and educational issues during the event.

The aim of the event is not only to give families an overview of different games. Rather, social competences are also learned and trained in the family group while playing together. Forms of play such as perception games, group games and performing games, which are on the programme, also serve this purpose.

The “Playful Days” are organised in cooperation with FORUM-SPIEL / Institut für Spielpädagogik.


Project Manager Family Education
Steffen Blaschke

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