Faith in conversation

In 1234 the monastery of St. Marienthal was founded. A long history underlies this. And faith in conversation has always been a center of life. After the political change, the monastery St. Marienthal established the Foundation International Meeting Center St. Marienthal. Every year, old and young people, women and men, meet in this center. They take part in seminars and lectures, organize workshops and retreats.

And faith is always the topic of conversation. First because of the monastery place itself. Church services and meditations are invited. Each guest may request personal and spiritual guidance from a nun of the monastery. In addition, there are offers on special topics from the field of theology and the church.

All groups meeting at the meeting center are offered a guided tour of the monastery, which not only recalls history but also brings faith into conversation. In the Garden of Bible Plants, visitors can not only learn about botany under expert guidance, but words from the Bible also come into conversation. The meeting center offers the most modern conference technology. At the same time, the place, shaped by a long history, offers the opportunity to reflect on the Christian values currently under discussion.

Faith in conversation is not timeless and not placeless. Faith in conversation requires a point of view and time.

More information about the project: “Religion-sensitive political education“.