For six years, there has been a good cooperation with the trinational children’s and youth parliament of the cities of Zittau, Hradek and Bogatynia. Twice a year, the young “parliamentarians” come to the IBZ for qualification seminars.


The trinational Youth Parliament Neisse was founded in 2000 to offer young people the framework to learn about democracy and to help shape it.

The youth parliament is seen as a possibility to involve the adolescents in decisions concerning these border regions and at the same time to encourage them to (co-)organize or support their own cross-border projects.
In this way, new interpersonal contacts are to be established, neighborly and friendly relations are to be further developed through personal experience with the “others”, parliamentary knowledge is to be disseminated and, last but not least, the interest in remaining in the region is to be strengthened – but also to contribute something to it oneself.

It is expected that the young parliamentarians will report on their experiences, discuss and intervene in regional and cross-border tri-country policy, and that they will also “drag along” other young people in order to initiate concrete projects that pursue the common development idea of these regions.

Requirements for participation

The target group for the Youth Parliament are 12 to 18 year old young people from the German-Polish-Czech border region who are interested and motivated to work in parliament. The young parliamentarians are recruited through the schools by advertisement and through various projects.

Responsible contact persons for the IBZ are representatives of the city administrations appointed by the mayors of the border region cities. The main contact person and coordinator has been Dr. Volker Beer (City of Zittau) for several years. Organizational support is provided by other persons (regulated differently in each country).

Contribution of IBZ

In the qualification workshops at the IBZ, the young people learn the tools for contributing political impulses, i.e. they learn how to help shape democracy. In the December workshop of each year, the IBZ also draws up the coming year’s plan and often already clarifies responsibilities.

The qualification workshops are financed by the IBZ budget. All other activities and excursions of the youth parliament run financially through the youth parliament directly or through separate projects.


Head of department at IBZ
Georg Salditt

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