In the Euroregion Neisse-Nysa-Nisa, large areas of forest have been destroyed and the remaining forests severely damaged by open-cast lignite mining and pollutant emissions from the power plants in all three countries. Within the framework of a trinational environmental education project at the IBZ called “Prima Klima”, information was and is provided about the environmental situation in this area and how changes in the sense of sustainable development are possible. Through participation in reforestation work, it is shown how nature- and environment-friendly rehabilitation and compensation of damage as well as forest losses are feasible. The goal of the plantings was and is to create ecologically more stable forests that can better withstand the risks from future environmental changes. In order to make clear on the one hand that climate protection is an urgent international and future global problem and on the other hand to make this possibility of climate protection known in Eastern Europe, forests were planted not only in Germany but also in Poland and the Czech Republic.
The reforestations were and are to a large extent carried out jointly by people from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic in order to emphasize the international significance and to promote international understanding.


Project Manager Environmental and Political Youth Education
Georg Salditt

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