Our events are primarily aimed at 12 to 18 year olds from the Löbau-Zittau district. Through target group-oriented and youth-oriented educational offers, the IBZ not only imparts knowledge to the participants, but also supports the formation of personality. In its youth work, the IBZ pursues goals that benefit the common good.

The IBZ’s educational work is designed to,

  • reveal backgrounds,
  • provide knowledge as a basis for decision-making
  • combining theory and practice.

The IBZ also works closely with some schools – be it that whole classes carry out their project days, subject excursions or class trips, be it that individual students are released for events.

Focuses of our youth education:

In youth education, we work with the briefly outlined principles in the following areas:

  • Political youth education

Our political youth education is based on the convention of the AKSB [1]. From the broad field of political youth education, the IBZ is especially dedicated to the

  1. German and European politics (living with German unity and EU expansion to the East, political system of the FRG, etc.)
  2. Commitment to democracy and society (youth parliament, participation opportunities, volunteering)
  3. the future of the working society (career orientation seminars, situation of the labor market, job application training, etc.) and the prevention of racism and violence (integration seminars for ethnic German immigrants, conflict management strategies, etc.).
  • Care for creation

For the educational work, the building blocks of the energy-ecological model town Ostritz-St. Marienthal, the first town in Germany to be supplied almost entirely by an innovative mix of renewable energy sources, are used. The monastery forest, formerly damaged by the three large coal-fired power plants, which is now managed in a natural way, and the power plants themselves with their open-cast mines are also included in the educational work. Likewise, the great importance of our soils for our society is made clear.

  • International youth meetings

Current topics are used to bring the young people together and enable them to get to know each other. Getting to know each other is a prerequisite for mutual understanding and the practice of tolerance. International events are one of the main concerns of the IBZ.

These three topics will be the main focus of our youth education in the next years, because they fit especially to the competences of the IBZ staff and the local conditions. In addition to these topics, we also address a wide range of other topics in cooperation and guest events.


Project Manager Environmental and Political Youth Education
Georg Salditt

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